Property Finders Network
Where We Pay You For Helping Us Find Vacant Properties

Why would we pay cash for helping us find vacant properties?  Good question and the answer is simple…. We can’t be everywhere at once and there is a lot of ground to cover.   If you see a home that appears vacant, abandoned or distressed then please just let us know (contact info below).  If we complete a purchase & sell of the subject property, we will pay you a finders/referral/assignment fee/marketing bonus up to $2500 and possibly more for helping us find it!!!

It’s free to submit as many properties as you like as long as it fits our criteria (see below).  We are looking for properties and need your help. 

At some point, we are in our car driving somewhere at least once a day – whether it’s going to work, running errands, taking the kids to school, etc.  Every day, we are probably passing by vacant and/or distressed houses that we aren’t noticing because our mind is elsewhere.  Now that you think about it, tomorrow when you are on your way to the store or anywhere, start being more aware of your surrounding neighborhoods and what potential deals might be right in front of you.  Chances are you will be driving past homes that could be investment opportunities for us and all you have to do is let us know about them.

Maybe you can take a different route to work or drive down a new side street on the way to the store each day.  Opportunities are everywhere and in every city.

Please note that we do NOT want properties that are listed with a Realtor and/or on the local MLS, we do NOT want properties already under contract with an investor, we do NOT want properties that you find online or on a paid list or daisy chain properties that are being shared through emails. 

A true driving for dollar lead is one you find while driving and can physically take a picture of. Those are the ones we are interested in. 

We are looking for off-market, vacant and/or distressed that you can physically take a picture of and as described below.

What are some of the signs that a house may be vacant or distressed?

  • Boarded Up Windows and/or Broken Windows
  • Tall or Dead Grass and Weeds
  • Missing & Curled Shingles/Tarps on Roofs
  • Broken Down Vehicles
  • Vehicles Parked on the Grass
  • Garbage/Junk in the Yard
  • Peeling Paint
  • Papers Taped on Windows/Doors (eviction notices, utilities shut off, etc.)
  • Overall Appears Not Being Maintained

We understand that on very rare occasions there may be a property that is submitted by more than one person and we keep it very simple.  Any duplicate entries will be assigned to the first person that submitted it.  All submissions will be confirmed with a confirmation message that your information was submitted successfully.

Also, one final note: With experience we have noticed that very small towns with lower populations (under 50,000) create a very small buyer pool in those areas.  The smaller the location usually means the smaller amount of homes are bought and sold regularly in that area.  We are no longer interested in any property that is in a small town (50,000 population or less) so please do not submit. The bigger the city/town then the more buyers and overall much more activity.  The smaller the town, the less buyers which means the less likely it will get sold in a timely manner or not sold at all.

Three ways to submit your property finds to us:

  1. *OUR PREFERRED CHOICE* We are updating our mobile app access at this time so please submit on this page or email as noted below.
  2. If you do not have a mobile device then you can use the form provided on this ‘mobile friendly’ page.
  3.  Or you can email us your property information (as noted on the form) and a full picture of the front to

We look forward to doing some business together!

Thank you,

Property Finders Network