Hey Wholesalers… If I can turn
those trashed leads into CA$H in
your pocket, would that interest you?

The Dead Lead Machine

How many leads do you TRASH every week because the sellers have no equity or they just won’t take your LOW offer?  5, 10, 15 or more leads that you just throw in the trash, week after week because they won’t work for you?

Let me ask you a very simple question. If I can turn those TRASHED LEADS into CASH IN YOUR POCKET, would that interest you?

I work with wholesalers just like you that used to throw out those useless leads, but they don’t throw them out anymore.  Now they work with me and I turn their TRASH into CASH.

I specialize working with lease options and I’m able to turn wholesale dead leads into cash deals using sandwich and wholesale lease options.

So, if you would like me to put CASH IN YOUR POCKET instead of you trashing those dead leads, contact me so I can tell you about my program and help you explode your bottom line.

Stop trashing those leads you worked so hard to get, and let me turn them into cash.

We hope to hear from you soon!!!

Rick & The Dead Lead Machine Team











Current Investor / Referral Partners that already have a signed agreement on file may enter their Dead Leads on the shared spreadsheet or HERE.  -Thank you