Real Estate Agents!

Did you know that although your clients may have not qualified for a traditional mortgage, they still have other alternatives to reach their goal of homeownership?  That’s where we come in – My Property Solutions provides a rent-to-own program accommodating clients that currently have minimal savings for a down payment, are self-employed, are new to the country, or are experiencing temporary credit issues.

Rather than telling clients “good luck” and sending them on their way, refer them to us to be provided a mutually beneficial relationship!  Help more of your clients get in a home now, STILL get paid (when you would’ve made nothing) and be a hero with My Property Solutions’ Lease-Purchase program!

We care about your client relationships. Don’t risk losing a client, your commission, or future referrals! We will structure a creative solution to create a win win for everyone. Our success is ultimately driven by the success of the client’s. Therefore, we are there alongside them throughout the entire process to ensure they achieve their exact goals. You get to know you are making a huge difference in someone’s life from a simple recommendation.

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